Eat Out: My first taste of Poké at Ahi Poké, Fitzrovia London 

This week I finally sampled the Poké craze that hit London last year. Poké is a raw Hawaiian fish dish perfect for the summer months. These bowls of fresh and flavoursome goodness you can either build yourself or choose one of the various signatures from the menu. With queues out of the door and down the street at peak lunch time I’m sure we’re going to see plenty more of these restaurants popping up across the city this summer. Ahi Poké is located in Fitzrovia, a short walk from Tottenham Court Road Station and has a light and airy laid back cafe style. The key thing for Poké is its ingredients, which need to not only be the best available but treated simply. What this produces is a bowl of citrusy, herb infused, fresh and light flavours that set your palate alight.


I ordered the signature Venice Bowl with avocado and kimchee cucumber as extra. The base of the bowl was made up of half quinoa half kale, in a separate bowl they mix the shrimp, pineapple, and leche de tigre tossing it slightly. With this added to the base they then topped it with edamame, radish, confit ginger and my extras to complete my first ever Poké bowl. For a counter style service and given the number of staff it was no surprise the process was extremely efficient. The ingredients were very good quality and only displayed in relatively small bowls meaning nothing had been sat out uncovered for a long length of time.

Venice Signature Bowl

The bowl itself was extremely delicious, and whilst I’ll always love sushi and never move away from it completely I can definitely see myself switching a few Itsu and Abokado lunches for Poké instead. Despite having quinoa it felt a lot lighter than sushi and more citrusy fresh. The kimchee cucumber I would definitely recommend as despite not being a recommended ingredient for this bowl combination in my opinion it made the meal. The cucumber was sliced extremely thinly and seasoned with kimchee to give it a little kick or flavour, it also tasted almost pickled so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d done something not too dissimilar to a Hungarian type cucumber salad. The combination of shrimp and pineapple is not something I’ve ever had or would’ve thought to before but it worked extremely well together.

Shut your eyes, savour the taste and you may even think you’re on a Hawaiian beach!

Ahi Poké, 3 Percy Street, London W1T 1DF

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