Eat Out: Jewish soul food at Monty’s Deli, Hoxton London 

Courtesy of my introduction to Pastrami and Salt Beef Reuben sandwiches at the famous Jewish-style Katz Deli in New York I find myself having a hankering for them from time to time. Monty’s Deli opened a week or so ago and just behind Kingsland Road in Hoxton its in the perfect location to swing by after work. The deli is on the site of an old bakery and has a very old school London cafe feel to it with original Victorian tiling on the walls and each of the tables sporting a ‘courtesy of’ plaque giving the deli a community and family feel. That being said the counter bar and booths add a more modern touch to the place. The staff are still learning the menu and Jewish pronunciations but at only a week old this is definitely something we can let them off with.

To start, and to warm up on a miserable and cold May evening, I ordered the Chicken Soup which comes complete with kneidlach balls.  These balls are like dumplings made from matzah meal and are an authentic staple in Jewish chicken soups. I’ve never been the biggest fan of dumplings, I think because my mum used to make me try them every time she made a stew, but these smaller and lighter matzah balls are definitely more up my street. The chicken soup (not as good as Grandma’s obviously) was packed full of flavour and started the meal off nicely.

Chicken Soup

Next up I ordered (no surprise here) the Salt Beef Reuben sandwich which is served with half a homemade pickle. Keeping it traditional we ordered Latkes on the side and a Cucumber Salad. The Reuben was packed full of deliciously cured Salt Beef, tangy sauerkraut and melted smooth Swiss cheese. Monty’s are one of the only guys in Britain to make the Salt Beef themselves from scratch with other establishments buying theirs from the same supplier. After years of perfecting the recipe the all too familiar tender and melt in your mouth beef delivers on each mouthful. It was my first time trying Latkes which are potato and onion cakes, not too dissimilar to a hash brown but so much nicer and get a massive thumbs up from me!

Reuben Sandwich

Starting off as a street food stall Mark and co have transitioned into the restaurant trade confidently and with ease, not only serving up great food but ensuring the atmosphere and decor all comes together for their customer’s experience. Unfortunately they didn’t have any Lochan pudding left for dessert, so I guess that means I’m just going to have to go again! For some damn good classics head down and try out Monty’s Deli.


Monty’s Deli, 227-229 Hoxton Street, London, N1 5LG

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