Eat Out: Blacklock City, London 

Blacklock City opened the beginning of this month with a soft launch that sold out in 20 minutes! For those of us unlucky enough to secure a table Blacklock kindly offered a complimentary round of drinks for the rest of the month which would’ve been rude not to indulge in! On arrival we were greeted by the friendliest and bubbliest staff I’ve experienced in a long time and the service throughout our meal was spot on. This isn’t something you encounter very often in London, hence the reason I’m mentioning it straight up, but Blacklock had a real family feel to it and the staff are clearly passionate about working there which personally I loved and found infectious.

In order to try a little bit of everything we opted for the All In option which requires a minimum of 2 people ordering and includes pre meal bites, a plate of meat sitting on slices of foccacia and a side each. At a mere £20 per person it’s a great filling option if you’re spoilt for choice like we were. It also meant we could get back to our catch up a lot quicker over a glass of wine!

Pre Chop Bites

The Pre Chop Bites to start were 3 canapes of each of the options available on the menu. The Cheese and Pickle was without a doubt my favourite. Crumbled blue cheese sat on a cracker with homemade pickles being the icing on the sweet, vinegar cake so to speak. The Egg and Anchovy was certainly different and the Chicken and Horseradish gave the appetisers a bit of bite.

All In Skinny Chops

Next up came our mountain of skinny chops all of which on offer that day; pork belly, pork loin, sirloin steak, lamb t-bone and lamb chop. The sirloin was cooked to perfection and melted in your mouth whilst the pork belly was laced with satisfyingly good fat. All of the meat along with the foccacia they were sat on were enveloped in a smokey coal flavour thanks to the way Blacklock cook all of their meat. The foccacia was dripping with the meat stack juices adding even more flavour to this herb and garlic bread. To accompany our meat we ordered the Kale and Parmesan and 10 hour Ash Roasted Sweet Potato. I can not stress enough how important it is for you to order the latter which is cooked over night under the cooling coal oven and is served with charred skin and a super soft sweet centre.

10 Hour Ash Roasted Sweet Potato

Full to the brim and despite their being an ever welcoming cheesecake on the menu we decided against a dessert. That was until we were sold on how delicious it was and offered a bowl to share complimentary, well we wasn’t about to argue with that was we. I do feel that the word delicious is completely wrong to use when describing this dessert however, it was SO much more! Unbelievable, mouth-watering, heavenly were just some of the things that were coming out of our mouth amongst the mmmm’s and ahhh’s. The cheesecake in question was a White Chocolate Cheesecake accompanied by a pot of rhubarb compote. Despite being white chocolate the cheesecake was so light and fluffy it wasn’t sickly or rich in the slightest and the rhubard was the perfect balance against the cloud like cream cheese. Another must!

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Since visiting I’ve been recommended Blacklock Soho’s Sunday Roast dinners so anticipate a return very soon.

Blacklock City, 13 Philpot Lane, The City, London, EC3M 8AA

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