Eat Out: Cheap eats at Viet Eat, Holborn London 

A short walk from Holborn tube station this unassuming little Vietnamese sits next to one of my favourite sushi restaurants in London (blog to come) and another recommendation of mine Cha Chaan Teng. I’d heard about Viet Eat serving up great food at reasonable prices for a while so when a friend suggested going here for a long overdue catch up I jumped at the chance. I’ve always loved Vietnamese food but struggle to order anything other than the traditional Pho, and this visit was no exception.

Sharing Platter

First up we ordered the Sharing platter between the two of us to start, which at  £12.95 is great value in terms of all that you get. The Summer Fresh Rolls with Tiger Prawns were my favourite wrapped in rice pancakes and with a huge juicy prawn inside, these rolls of goodness dipped into the rich creamy satay embodied everything that I enjoy from Asian flavours. The Summer Fresh Rolls with Tofu were also surprisingly good as I find tofu can be hit and miss depending on if it’s cooked well but these definitely were. Spring Crispy Vegetable Rolls were followed by the even more intriguing Spring Crispy Pork and Crab Rolls and sat in the middle of the platter was a mountain of Mango Salad. The Mango Salad was sweet, fragrant and fresh oozing flavour and goodness with four or five large prawns mixed in.

Tender Beef Pho

Next up, and no surprise here, I ordered the Tender Beef Pho. I was first introduced to Pho by an old (not age, she’d kill me for that!) colleague a few years ago and ever since have found myself moving away from the curry dishes to more broth based options. The Beef was as described extremely tender and the pho was packed full of a rich but light beef flavour. Fragranced with those all too familiar herbs we all love from Vietnamese and Thai food; coriander, mint and lemongrass. One thing this dish was lacking was a side plate of chillies, herbs and spring onion as you usually get to add to your own taste. Whilst the dish didn’t need anymore flavouring from a herb point of view I would’ve personally liked some chillies to dial up that heat a little.

For a little over £20 each which included a glass of wine I’d certainly recommend this quaint little restaurant for a laid back and casual meal with friends.

Viet Eat Holborn, 48 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EP

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