Eat Out: Bad Egg’s Bottomless Brunch, Moorgate London 

Another month another bottomless brunch, I know I know but I can’t help it when they combine my two favourite things in one place! Especially when the word unlimited is involved.

Bad Egg is more of a typical brunch than I usually go to with lots of egg (it is in the name it’s guess) on the menu but fused with a Mexican influence. Never before have I been served a plate of nachos with a fried egg on top or a quesadilla with scrambled eggs, and surprisingly it not only works but is filled to the the rafters. There’s a pretty strict two hour policy on your table as it’s quite a small venue and extremely popular. That being said the service is super speedy meaning you enjoy your three dishes of food leisurely over your dining period and I lost count after the first hour of how many times my prosecco was topped up.

Bad Ass Nachos

On the menu, which boasts a vast selection of vegetarian options, you choose 3 plates of food and unlimited Bloody Mary, Bellini or Prosecco for £35 per person. A tick for Bad Egg in my book is that they don’t make you stick with the same drink the entire time and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary to start followed by a couple of bellini’s and who knows how many prosecco’s! I started off with the Bad Ass Nachos which were certainly different but the runny yolk of the fried egg drizzled over the crisp corn tacos and rich goats curd cheese was divine. Nachos are a simple pleasure in life and have always been a weakness for me but they can be repetitive and rarely change, simply popping an egg on top changes the dish completely and with a round of applause from valleys2vauxhall.

Pulled Pork, Beans and Kimchi on toast

Next up I ordered the Pulled Pork, Beans and Kimchi on toast which was a mix of creamy, tomatoey, tender goodness sat on a slice of toasted sourdough and topped with spring onion. Whenever I cook baked beans at home I always cook them far longer than directed because I love when they start thickening up and go a little stodgy. This was exactly what the topping was like on this dish but throw in some slow cooked pulled pork and spice! Probably my favourite dish of the day.

Buffalo Rib Tips

So this is a pretty punchy hot one I should probably warn you! Personally I love spicy food but within reason and for me trying just the one Buffalo Rib Tips the spice seemed spot on. The Buffalo sauce had that perfect spicy tang and drizzled with a blue cheese mayo it balanced out the flavour adding a slightly salty creamy element. The Rib Tips themselves were so soft and juicy had they not had that layer of oh so good fat would’ve melted in your mouth. However, my two friends who ordered this dish said they were struggling a little as they got to the end of the bowl and their mouths were on fire. Who knows maybe they just can’t handle it 😉

Cheeseburger Hash

My final dish of the day to tell you about was another showstopper with the whole table (except the vegetarian) ordering it. The Cheeseburger Hash combines all of the components minus the bun of a cheeseburger, sat on a bed of crispy diced fries and topped with a fried egg. The burger is crumbled, the cheese fondued, salty sweet gherkins, and soft onions which would all taste delicious on their own but chuck an egg on top (Bad Egg’s speciality it would seem) and it accelerates this dish from delicious to down right awesome! Each mouthful you ‘mmmm’ and nod your head and despite knowing its down right bad for you after unlimited prosecco the best part is you really couldn’t care!

Bad Egg’s bottomless brunch runs from 10am-7pm every Saturday and 12pm-5pm every Sunday. Virgin brunch is also available and priced at £23.50. Be sure to try out the french toast with bacon and maple syrup too, the mouthful I pinched was the perfect sweet treat ending.

Bad Egg, City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, London EC2Y 9AW

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