Eat Out: New Californian inspired salad bar Bel-Air, Farringdon London

Bel-Air opened on Fetter Lane near Farringdon just over a month ago and is a healthy Californian inspired alternative fast food option. The menu is made up of a range of salads, hot dishes and yummy sounding breakfasts. The salad bar on the counter boasts an array of colour and flavour combinations from Baja Sweet Potato to Carrot and Chermoula Bulgar.  With vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available all made from seasonal and fresh produce there’s something (healthy) for everyone.

Salad Bar

Anyone that knows me will vouch the fact I’m not a gym person at all, but I did like the way the menu was built in terms of choosing your salads, then your protein and followed by your sauce. I ordered the Broccoli and Almond slaw, Mexican Quinoa, Salmon and Harissa Yoghurt. Healthy and nutritious food can sometimes feel a bit drab but this was the total opposite with so many flavours going on each mouthful was a pleasure. Even the salmon was packed with a slight smoked, cured flavour which blended beautifully with the punchy jalapeño and fragrant coriander in the Mexican Quinoa. The Broccoli and Almond slaw was my favourite but then I’ve always had a weakness for different and original slaw combinations.

Salad box

Bel-Air Farringdon is the second opening for these talented owners and slightly bigger with the option to dine in compared to the original in Shoreditch. My lunch came to just over £7 which in my opinion is an affordable yet satisfying alternative to your standard Pret salad or Itsu sushi. As the ingredients are seasonal I’m particularly looking forward to see how the menu changes as I feel this is highly likely to become a bit of a regular haunt. I’ll keep you posted!

Bel-Air, 12 New Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1AG

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