Eat Out: mEAT Bar and Grill, Newport South Wales

This weekend saw a long overdue return to the motherland and in true end of January style I found a burger joint I hadn’t yet tried in Newport to treat myself after a healthy January. mEAT Bar and Grill opened just over a year ago and after a number of special evenings inviting people to try their dishes they have found the perfect handmade brisket and chuck burger combination. Opening at 5.30pm it’s a great family friendly restaurant with a number of children dining in the early evening with their parents, whilst an older clientele and couples are more common in the later evening. The decor and feel of the place is urban and quite industrial with long wooden tables and mismatched furniture. Beef takes centre stage with a big selection of burger variations and is clearly an important ingredient to mEAT with a huge bull painting on the one wall and other bull related images and signage adorning the restaurant.

The menu is made up of beef and chicken burgers, hotdogs and vegetarian options as well as a selection of starters, sides and desserts. I ordered The Yankee beef burger which comes with 2 beef party’s, caramelised red onion and American cheese. The Beef patties were delicious and coupled with the slightly sweet caramelised red onion and creamy cheese I was onto a winner. The patties weren’t as thick as I’m used to but as all of the burgers come with two it was more than enough meat. The Brisket and chuck 3.5oz burger patties are also gluten free and you can add as many extra into your Bun as you desire. They are good so I wouldn’t judge!

We also had the The Classic burger which I am slightly jealous I didn’t order all to myself. Think Bacon double cheeseburger from Burger King but a gourmet version! It looked and tasted delicious with crispy smoked bacon, cheese, lettuce and mEAT’s secret sauce.

Talking of secrets there is a Secret Menu online that you have to search for across their website. If you’re lucky enough to find it (I did, even if it did take me 10 minutes) be sure to order the sweet potato dirty fries. I would go as far to say they’re the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had which were crisped to perfection but top that with cheese, bacon bits and jalapeños and you’ve won me over for sure. We also ordered some sides to share and the crunchy slaw was good but the beer battered onion rings and halloumi fingers were even better.

Looking forward to visiting again and trying out their hot-dogs as the Lil Dog we ordered from the Kids menu was wolfed down by my five year old nephew in no time at all, I’ve never seen him eat so well!

Let me know if you need a hint when searching for the Secret Menu – it’s worth it!

mEAT Bar & Grill, 3 Clytha Park Road, Newport, NP20 4NZ

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