Eat Out: Chicken Heaven at Absurd Bird, Spitalfields London

As you will already know, unless this is my first blog you’re reading, I’ve developed a weakness for chicken wings over the last year or so. They haven’t taken over my love of burgers by any means but they’re a very close second for sure. Whilst I’ve always loved fried chicken I was rarely a chicken off the bone kinda girl but every time I see wings on the menu I can’t resist, despite their topping and flavouring I want to try them all!

Absurd Bird is a fried chicken and wing joint with restaurants in Soho, Spitalfields, Exeter and Bath. I first went to the Soho branch a couple of months ago and loved the atmosphere in the venue especially when we were seated downstairs in the dimly lit bar restaurant. Absurd Bird Spitalfields on the other hand is a bigger and much brighter restaurant perfect for bigger groups with neon graffiti lights and edgy decor throughout.


On both visits I’ve had the Smoked Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Wings which are simply to die for. The mixture of salty cheese and citrus lemon with a subtle smoked garlic flavour works so well it creates the illusion of eating a gourmet creamy Italian dish not a finger lickingly good street food version. At the Spitalfields branch the wings are HUGE, like double the size, so I’d definitely recommend this one if it’s the wings you’re coming for. I’ve also tried the Buffalo Chicken Wings and these are once again a perfect balance of spicy hot and sweetness. On the spicy scale they were pretty safe in my opinion and make sure you order a Blue Cheese Dip for on the side.

Next up we had Fried Chicken Sliders which are perfect for sharing and a good three bite size each. The fried chicken was centre stage seasoned and juicy, with a bacon jam chutney bringing in a sweet addition to the palate in what could so easily have been quite a stodgy and dense dish. Topped with pimento cheese and sat on a bed of shredded lettuce and mayonnaise the mini brioche bun was golden and toasted to the same colour as the fried chicken making it look picture perfect. We also shared the Chicken and Waffles which come with a side of smoked sweet gravy and sugary maple syrup to drizzle at your pleasure. I’m still getting used to this type of dish if I’m completely honest. I love all of the components that make it up individually and I do enjoy it when I eat it but I still struggle to get my head around the flavours in my mouth all at once. The fried chicken was thick and flavoursome with a crunchy fried outer crust, the waffle was light and fluffy and the sweet yet salty gravy syrup gives this dish it’s character and difference.


One of the creators behind Absurd Bird is an American Fine Dining Chef and with savoury sweet dishes like the Chicken and Waffles and sides such as the Sweet Potato Bake with Toasted Marshmallows the American influence really comes through in the menu. I tried the traditional toasted marshmallow sweet potato dish at a thanksgiving dinner last year and really enjoyed it but Absurd Bird really nail this. The Jalapeno Mac n Cheese is another exceptional side and contrasts the sweetness of this bake perfectly.


They have a range of cocktails on the menu and a live band were playing on the Thursday evening we dined which added a nice element to the evening. Staff in both branches were super friendly and accommodating clearly enjoying recommending dishes and drinks to try. If you’re a lover of all things chicken get yourself down!

Absurd Bird, Spitalfields, 54 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

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  1. Eutonne says:

    The garlic parmesan lemon wings sound absolutely amazing!


    1. kirstg4 says:

      They are unreal! Could eat them now

      Liked by 1 person

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