Eat Out: Pizza East, Shoreditch London 

Pizza East has been around for a while so this is by no means a new opening review, but after visiting here a few times I couldn’t pass it by again without letting you guys know about it. If you don’t already of course!

Pizza East in Shoreditch is opposite Box Park in the heart of the hustle and bustle that is on the edge of the East end. With Dinerama and other street food pop ups within short walking distance it’s surprising this mid priced restaurant/diner is still as popular as it is and people wait up over an hour for a table. In my eyes the key to its success are location, quick yet great food, decor and a bar area to wait. So many of the walk in restaurants in this area are not only small in terms of tables but the bar area is non existent meaning you find yourself huddled in the doorway or practically sat on someone’s lap as they’re trying to eat their food. Not ideal or how anyone wants to begin their night!

For the first time I tried Monkfish, apparently the poor man’s lobster, but I couldn’t disagree more and found this dense, fleshy fish an absolute dream to start my meal with. The caponata Sicilian dish it sat upon was like an Italian version of a ratatouille with a lot more tomato and acidic sweet flavour from the vinegar. The aubergine and peppers were stewed super soft and provided a welcome contrast to the thick and firm meat of the fish.

For main I shared one of Pizza East’s legendary wood fire pizza’s and Mac ‘n’ Cheese from the wood oven. I love Mac ‘n’ Cheese and I know relatively speaking it’s a simple dish but when cooked properly it can really blow you away. Pizza East’s pasta is no exception to that with a creamy cheese sauce, al dente pasta and a golden crisped top to crack through. Thanks to the wood oven you also get a hit of smokiness that adds to its deliciousness. Personally I love a wood fire pizza as I love thin crust and the rustic feel of them but I know they’re not for everyone. On this visit I shared the Veal meatballs, prosciutto, cream, lemon and it was absolutely phenomenal. The flavour packed into the veal meatballs alone was rich and fragrant but complimented with the salty cured ham and citrus from the lemon my tastebuds were dancing all over the industrial warehouse. The doughy base is light and fluffy meaning the strong rich flavours of the topping aren’t too much and you can walk out of here and to a bar without feeling too stuffed and stodgy.

Pizza East is a modern pizzeria and part of Soho House Group with three branches across the city, as well as one in Chicago and Istanbul. Let me know which pizza you recommend!

Pizza East Shoreditch, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ 

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