Eat In: Homemade Christmas Chutney

Last year I was gifted with a very delicious jar of homemade chutney and being the lover of cheese that I am it didn’t last long at all. It also got me thinking that homemade gifts at Christmas time are such a lovely touch as you know the giver has put in time, effort and love. It also resulted in my mother buying me every chutney making piece of equipment she could find! Not that I was complaining of course.

This recipe is a tomato based chutney passed on from the same friend that gifted me hers last year and it really is as simple yet yummy as it sounds. However be warned you will need to simmer it away on the hob for a good 8-10 hours, and your house ends up smelling of chutney for at least a week. I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe using less chilli and I also cheated from a preparation perspective and used the Very Lazy range for garlic, ginger and chilli.

Ingredients – makes 10 x 250ml Kilner jars

750g onions, diced

3 medium cooking apples, peeled and diced

1.5kg tomatoes, diced

3 tsp’s lazy garlic

1 tbsp lazy chilli

30g lazy ginger, diced

45g Maldon sea salt

300ml white wine vinegar

360g caster sugar

240g raisins

  1. Prepare all of your ingredients
  2. Once prepared use a high-sided saucepan to soften the onion and garlic in a little olive oil over a low heat
  3. Add all of the ingredients, except raisins, and cook over a low heat for 2 hours wp-image-1175409867jpg.jpg
  4. Add the raisins after 2 hours and stir occasionally throughout the simmering process
  5. When the ingredients have become dark in colour, a sticky consistency has formed and the liquid has reduced your chutney is ready, this will take a further 6-8 hours after adding the raisins
  6. Fill your clean Kilner jars with the chutney and seal while still hot as this will ensure the vacuum seal is secured


*Tip – A good chutney takes patience so don’t be inclined to turn up your heat to speed up the cooking process


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