Eat Out: Milk and Cookies for Breakfast, Blondies Kitchen Pop-Up London

Blondies Kitchen opened a two week pop-up at Old Street station last week bringing to the city this New York inspired milk and cookies combo from 7am-7pm every day. And I have to say I am a BIG fan!

I stopped by there this morning to pick up a cookie and milk treat for breakfast and was pleasantly surprised not to be met with a horrible queue. More than likely due to the fact that it was 8am and the pop-up had already been open over a week. With 5 delicious cookie flavours on offer I went for their signature Oreo stuffed Nutella and Double Chocolate Tahini.  Both cookies were soft and melt in your mouth delicious you can really tell how fresh and recently baked they are. The Oreo one was by far my favourite and probably a little too over indulgent for breakfast! The Nutella oozing out of the middle coupled against the bitter dark Oreo’s was a chocolatier’s heaven! The Double Chocolate Tahini was rich and the better option for dunking into my glass of milk but the Oreo definitely wins my vote.

There are also 3 milks to choose from; Almond milk, regular cow’s milk and Coco Pops cereal milk. If I was going to have milk and cookies for breakfast it had to be the Coco Pops Cereal milk for me and surprisingly they absolutely nailed this flavour. Taking me way back to my childhood I felt like I was slurping the milk out of my bowl of coco pops before heading off to school for the day!

With only a few more days to get down there as they close on the 30th October I’d highly recommend paying them a visit. As you come out of the barriers at Old Street tube it’s just on the right so you can’t miss it!

Blondies Kitchen, Old Street Tube Station, EC1Y 1BE

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