Eat Out: My favourite pub and village in South Wales, The Bear Crickhowell 

The Bear Hotel pub and restaurant has been a favourite of mine and my families for quite some time now. Surrounded by the Brecon Beacons and with views of the famous Sugarloaf mountain it really is worth a visit. The village itself is beautiful in its own right with local bakeries and butchers as well as gift and book shops. But this dog friendly pub and restaurant on the main street as you drive through is cosy, quaint and inviting that truly delivers on flavour and quality food.

Over the years I’ve made my way through quite a lot of the bar and restaurant menu but I’d been pining for a curry all week. Pub curry is always a winner in my eyes because it’s in the style of a curry you’d make at home but better because you haven’t slaved over a hot stove and stunk the house out with its odour. But this Chicken Curry topped with coriander and served with poppadoms, chutney and fragrant rice was even better than usual. The curry had a similar heat to a Tikka Masala but wasn’t as creamy with the sauce instead not too dissimilar to a Madras in terms of its texture and flavour. The mango chutney and homemade cucumber mint sauce accompanied the poppadom beautifully and without the oily glaze you usually find from an Indian restaurant the meal ticked all the boxes in terms of what I’d been fancying.


We also had the very traditionally south and mid Wales dish of Faggots, onion gravy and mushy peas. The faggots here are absolutely phenomenal and if you haven’t tried them before the best way to describe them is meatballs. However they’re not the prime quality beef you get in a meatball but instead the off-cuts and offal of pork which are packed with flavour. Don’t let this put you off they truly are yummy and served with mushy peas in an onion gravy you can’t go wrong. I’ve always had vinegar on my faggots ever since a little girl and I’d definitely recommend seasoning them in this way.

This dish was also served with the best chips I’ve had in a long long time. A crispy crunch on the outside with the softest and fluffiest potato centre. Think roast potato in chip shape but with a deep fried flavour and finish. As we were finishing up our meal the fire was lit in the main bar area and after a 4 mile walk up and down Pen Y Fan, the highest point in South Britain, it took all we had to not settle in for the afternoon.

The Bear Hotel serves a restaurant menu from 12-2pm and 6pm-10pm every day. Both of these meals were off their bar menu which is served 2pm-6pm.

The Bear Hotel, Crickhowell, Powys NP8 1BW

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