30th Birthday Celebrations and lots of Cake!

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but amazing as I’ve turned 30 and celebrated hard! Hence why I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front, apologies! But I’m back and what better way to kick it off than to show you all some of the amazing birthday cakes I’ve had, especially as TimeOut London claimed this morning that OTT desserts are the new stars of the dessert scene. Three in total with ten candles on each to make up my age – that’s a joke but you get where I was going with it.

So my first cake was homemade with tender loving care and hell of a lot of giggles. After already being shocked and surprised arriving to a bottomless brunch where 20 of my nearest and dearest friends were sat waiting for me this cake made its entrance with my first round of “Happy Birthday”. The cake itself was a Victoria sponge cake with pink royal icing and baked by my two best friends. But the star of the show was myself, in Barbie form, sprawled across the cake depicting a scene after a night out involving the bathroom floor and a toilet. Oh the shame! But hilarious and extremely creative as I’m sure you’ll agree! They even included my Liz Earle muslin cloth that goes everywhere with me and found a short Barbie to stay true to the person it was representing.

My second cake came a week later in work and this time was a reference to my Welsh roots and homeland.  The Waitrose Lucky Lamb cake is a Madeira sponge filled with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam. I’m a massive fan of white chocolate it has to be said and this did not disappoint with its creamy smooth flavour and moist springy sponge.

My third and final cake was a picturesque two tier Champagne and Strawberry Drip Cake complete with macaroons, mini oreo’s, fruit, pearls and sugared flowers. It was beautiful and tasted amazing too thanks to Honeybunch Cake Company in Newport. The top tier sponge was pink inside while the the bottom tier was cream but both had the same flavour running through them. You could really taste the champagne flavour and fizz in the sponge which blew me away and left me thinking How? with every mouthful. The macaroons were soft and gooey and the icing inside was a delicious rich yet smooth buttercream.

So there they are my three amazing and thoughtful Birthday cakes that I have to thank Terri Perry, Ben Green, Sarah, Charlotte, Lucy and my Mum for! I am a little caked out for a while now though…


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