Eat Out: Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club Speakeasy, Tooley Street London

Last night I headed to Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club a short walk from London Bridge station and devoured what can only be described as a gourmet crisp sandwich. Thanks to a friend working on the project I heard about this pretty early on when it was first launched and made sure I nabbed a couple of tickets from Eventbrite when they went on sale. Walk ins are welcome but I really wanted to make sure I got chance to go back to my youth and enjoy a delicious crisp sandwich in this quirky London pop-up.

The pop-up cafe has been created to promote and launch Walkers new Sarnie flavour range of crisps. There are six classic sandwich flavours on offer and thanks to the collaboration with Heinz have been brought to life with everyone’s favourite sauces. Choose from; Bacon & Tomato Ketchup, Sausage & Brown Sauce, Roast Chicken & Mayonnaise, Ham & Mustard, Cheese Toastie & Worcester sauce, and Cheese, Cucumber & Salad Cream.

Not wanting to give too much away but on arrival you enter Chris Peters Newsagents on Tooley Street where you get to have a chat with Uncle.  He then reveals the hidden passage way when, in true speakeasy style, you quote the secret line to enter. You’ll find yourself greeted by a host, adorned with a crisp packet bow tie, who will show you to a table in this lively crisp cafe. Choose from a soft drink, wine or beer and start building your very own crisp sandwich from the bread to filling to crisp flavour and sauce.

Service is extremely quick with your sandwich being delivered to your table in minutes, complete with a little side salad and handful of your chosen crisp flavour.  I ordered Granary bread, Bacon filling, Cheese Toastie flavour crisps and Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce. Yummy! Who doesn’t love a crisp sandwich anyway but with special sarnie flavoured crisps this really was something else. I also got to try a sandwich with Chicken filling, Cheese, Cucumber and Salad Cream Crisps (after the waiter told us this was the best flavour!) and Mayonnaise on White bread.  Which as much as I hate to admit it was better than my ordering! This flavour may not jump out initially but it really does taste exceptionally good and coupled with the chicken and mayo was a winner!

So if you’re Barmy for Sarnie’s head to Eventbrite and book your tickets now as the next two weeks have just gone on sale.  Open Thursday-Saturday from 12pm who can deny themselves a crisp sandwich, drink and even the opportunity to get inside a giant crisp packet all for only £3.50 (includ booking fee).

Check out Walkers Facebook Page for more info and you never know you may bump into Gary!




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