Eat Out: Valleys2Vauxhall top 5 Burgers in honour of National Burger Day

If this is the first blog you’re reading on Valleys2Vauxhall you should know that I love a good burger and eat a lot of them! If it’s not, you will have no doubt read this declaration a few times already and understand my excitement in the run up to National Burger Day. And it’s finally here!!!

As I said I eat a lot of burgers and I’m yet to have one I haven’t enjoyed, easily pleased perhaps or lucky! I don’t blog about all of them simply because this wasn’t set up as a burger blog but more importantly because there’s got to be something special that keeps me going back for more to share them with you. Burgers are without a doubt quite a personal thing and with the array of gourmet burger joints on offer there’s something to cater for everyone.

So without further ado and before I talk about how, why, when and where I love burgers so much here are the top 5 that I’ve enjoyed over the past ten months since Valleys2Vauxhall was born.

  1. Patty & Bun – you’re still my number one! If you haven’t been here yet why? Patty & Bun are taking London by storm at the moment with a new branch on Redchurch Street that opened this month serving up cocktails and another coming to Goodge Street in September. Order the Ari Gold with a side of fries and prepare to get messy, all good things are always messy right?! READ MORE img_8652-2
  2. Dirty Bones – Order The Mac Daddy because who ever thought of topping, no smothering a burger with Mac and Cheese deserves a high five. Again this is a messy eat but all good burgers are in my opinion. Dirty Bones is the perfect place if the party you’re dining with aren’t burger lovers as there’s an array of other dishes on the menu – or just get new burger loving friends 😉 READ MORE IMG_6414
  3. Pretentious Burger Kitchen – here’s one for my Welshie’s. Sadly Pretentious announced this week that they will be closing next month so now more than ever I urge you to get to their restaurant in Newport and try out the amazing signature Pretentious Burger. This year they were the only Welsh restaurant to compete in the National Burger Awards in London which is an even bigger testament to the quality and deliciousness they deliver than I can ever give. READ MORE img_8090-1
  4. Meat Mission Restaurants – Mission, Liquor and Market all have the Dead Hippie on their menu because it is so so good and that means there really is no excuse wherever you are today to pop in and grab one. Another messy eat thanks to that delicious secret Dead Hippie sauce and why not double up with some Dead Hippie fries! READ MORE MEATLiquor
  5. Narnia Burger at Munch – and last but not least here’s my final one in Essex. Munch in Hadleigh has recently re-positioned itself as a burger joint due to the success of their homemade beef, chicken and veggie patties on the menu. The Narnia is topped with goats cheese and caramelised onions along with a generous sized and well cooked patty. The skin on sweet potato fries are the perfect accompaniment and with desserts like cookie dough s’mores cake it really is the full package! Hallelujah to the fact I’ve found a great burger so close to home. 


Have a burgtastic day and don’t forget to get your 20% off voucher for Patty & Bun, Meat Mission and Dirty Bones at


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  1. Simon says:

    Patty and a bun rocks! You are waaaay to thin for me to believe you have burgers.

    Liked by 1 person

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