Eat Out: Freaking good Crazy Shakes at Creme Cakes and Shakes, Leigh-On-Sea Essex

Freakshakes originated over in Aussie’s capital Canberra and made their way to London towards the end of last year.  With Molly Bakes in Dalston being the go to in the city these creamy, thick, cakey milkshakes are a must try for anyone with a sweet tooth. Unfortunately I still hadn’t managed to get myself across town to Molly Bakes so when a photo of these appeared in my inbox much closer to home on Leigh Broadway I headed off in search. That’s when I discovered Creme Cakes and Shakes! The queue out of the door gave it away a little, but more so the unmissable mason jars of milkshake with cookies or slices of cake strategically sat on top. I knew from that second I was going to be in my element!

Deciding what to order from the menu itself is a big enough feat. Especially on a busy Saturday afternoon when you’re stood in the queue waiting for a table and see shake after cake after waffles pass you by. The cafe is relatively small but beautifully decorated, think American diner with a twist of classic mint green cake shop and with an array of cakes in the glass cabinet at the back of the cafe you almost get high on sugar before your first taste.

Vegan Chocolate and Avocado Cake served with berries and gelato

If milkshakes aren’t your thing the waffles look equally phenomenal! You can also get a slice of cake without the shake and they serve breakfast in the morning as well as light savoury bites until 3pm. A little something for everyone, but I was here for one reason and one reason only –  my first freakshake. Creme Cakes and Shakes have two options for you to tuck into; a selection of well thought out Creme Crazy Shakes or Creme Cake Shakes. The Crazy Shakes on offer range from Chocolate Mallow Madness to Bubble Gum Blue, complete with its own ice lolly and sweets its sure to be a massive hit among kids. The Cake Shakes on the other hand allow you to choose a slice of cake on offer that day; Carrot Cake, Oreo, Red Velvet, Vegan Chocolate and Avocado, amongst others were available this weekend. The milk shake is then made up of half a slice of cake blended with gelato and the other slice of cake sits atop your jar drizzled in sauce.

Crazy Donut

After much deliberation I ordered the Crazy Donut topped with a melt in your mouth marshmallow drizzled in hot chocolate sauce. The sugary glazed donut decorated with icing and sprinkles was coupled with a jam and vanilla shake both splendid and sweet. The shake tasted and reminded me of a 99 ice cream complete with sauce, sprinkes and chocolate – an absolute delight!  I also got to try the Crazy Cookies ‘n’ Cream which was on the more creamy and chocolately side of things compared to my freakshake.  Crushed Oreo’s, a couple of chocolate chip cookies and Nutella made this shake a picturesque masterpiece.  Don’t be fooled by how filling and rich these shakes are however but once in a while won’t hurt you as a treat right!?!

Crazy Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Creme Cakes and Shakes have been open since November last year and I for one can’t wait to head there again soon to try a Cake Shake or Crazy Waffles! Creme have new and improved Summer Shakes with waffles, brownie or Oreo, as in the cover photo, coming soon. If you’re in the area or live nearby you have to try it out (and take me with you!). And if you don’t Leigh-On-Sea is a beautifully quaint Essex town I’d highly recommend visiting not far from Southend.

Creme Cakes and Shakes, 115 Broadway, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 1PG

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