Eat Out: Randy’s Wing Bar, Stratford London

Randy’s Wing Bar opened just over a month ago on the canal front near Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Park and is the first Wing Bar in London. I’d not been to this area before but both sides of the canal are adorned with bars and restaurants giving it a really cool, quirky and chilled East London feel. Wings have become a bit of a thing for me over the last few months, to the point they may have even over taken my love of burgers, so when I spotted this new restaurant on Just Opened London I knew I had to get there and soon. Randy’s is the brain child of Rich and Andy who embarked on a pop up and street food journey back in 2013.  After being invited last year to the National Buffalo Wing Festival in New York where their journey featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube they have since come back to London to give us our first wing bar in the city.

The restaurant/bar is bright with a modern industrial feel inside and wooden benches out front that were swarming thanks to a rare day of sunshine.  The drinks menu boasts a range of cocktails and beers along with their own draught on tap. The food menu centres around Chicken wings (obviously) but with a vast range of flavours and sauces you’ll be sure to find something to suit everyone’s tastebuds.  Classic Buffalo to BBQ and Bombay to Hanoi there is so much choice here that will keep you coming back time and time again.  The menu also features two chicken burgers and a vegetarian option so even if you don’t like chicken off the bone or chicken at all you’ll be catered for.

Obviously I had to order the Buffalo Wings it would have been rude not to! A total of 8 crispy fried wings with a light truffle blue cheese sauce almost like a foam came out 10-15 minutes after we’d placed our order. The wings are cooked like I’ve never had before whereby they are fried so that the outside is incredibly crispy and flavoursome whilst the meat is still soft and juicy. I’ve eaten a lot of wings lately and none had quite the texture of these on the outside they were delicious! The buffalo sauce wasn’t really that spicy and if I’m honest I would’ve liked a lot more of it. The sweet tangy after taste so familiar of this traditional North American sauce was there but you didn’t get a huge punch of chilli. Despite that I thoroughly enjoyed them and thought the sauce was very nice, just more of a warning to those who like super spicy food!


Next up I tried The Bulgogi burger – a chicken patty with lettuce, shredded spring onions, Thai dressing, Gangham sauce and lime aioli. The chicken patty again was completely different to anything i’d eaten before and was not too dissimilar to a regular burger but a lot softer and juicier.  How they got the meat like this to form this type of patty I would love to know and dosed in the Thai dressing and Korean Gangham sauce this was a light fresh burger to enjoy.  I didn’t try any of the sides on this occasion because I quite simply couldn’t fit them in unfortunately, but the Furious Fries and Tangy Slaw are most definitely on my to do list for my next visit.


Canalside, Here East, 28 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Park, London E15 2GW

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