Eat Out: Rainbow Grilled Cheese Toastie to brighten the day at Grill My Cheese, Leather Lane, London

So today at around 11.10am something special happened … Rainbow Grilled Cheese

I’d spotted Grill My Cheese eyecatching Rainbow Grilled Cheese Toastie’s a month ago when they featured in TimeOut and have been eagerly awaiting their return. I lie, not so eagerly at all unless you call stalking the Facebook page and emailing normal behaviour. I received the reply I’d been waiting for last week and immediately popped a meeting in the diary with my team to head over at 11am this morning when the hatches opened. Lucky for us we work within a five minute walk from Leather Lane where the one off Rainbow Grilled Cheese would feature for one day only 11am-2pm.

Expecting a queue we were happy to be able to stroll right up to the street food stall and place our order.The sandwiches are made as naturally as possible with beetroot, rocket, caramelised onion, goats cheese and truffle oil. At £7.50 they are slightly pricier than a generic cheese toastie but they are worth it for a one off treat, especially as their availability is limited to one day a month.

From a taste point of view I was genuinely surprised by how good they were. After my slightly disappointing experience with the previous rainbow fad of Rainbow Bagels I didn’t expect these to taste anywhere near as good as they looked and went with low expectations. Whilst I appreciate that the truffle oil plays a big part in this flavour combination you could genuinely pull out the earthiness of the beetroot and peppery rocket as well as the creamy strong goats cheese. Each bite was a different taste; rich, sweet, earthy but most importantly delicious! I would highly recommend getting your hands on one when they’re next available, keep a close eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages for an update.

Big Thanks to Nisha at Grill My Cheese for putting up with my emails and letting me know when they would be on sale too.

Grill My Cheese, Leather Lane Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1N

Tues-Fri 12pm-2pm

twitterFollow @Grill_my_cheese on Twitter


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