Drink Out: By Appointment Only @ Victorian Bath House, Liverpool Street London

Bar reviews are not something that usually grace valleys2vauxhall but the decadent and new cocktail bar we visited last week quite simply couldn’t go without a mention. By Appointment Only at Victorian Bath House is a short walk away from London’s Liverpool Street station and was a den full of surprises.  The entrance alone stands out amongst the grey, modern offices surrounding it and when you step in to head downstairs beneath the streets of Bishopsgate you are greeted with an opulent and decorative bar that transports you to somewhere completely un-city like.

From stained glass windows on the staircase, to tiled beams and pillars once inside you can’t help but gaze around taking in as much as you possibly can on arrival.  The furniture and decoration have been kept in line with the Turkish theme and authentic tiling but the menu is modern, innovative and speaks for itself.

A complimentary rhubarb and cranberry infused gin served in a teacup greeted us and despite not being big gin drinkers we enjoyed the aperitif.  Infused gins are somewhat of a signature here with a range of flavours on offer from Plum to Quince and Blue Cheese!  Our waitress explained how the process takes a good few months to make and their cocktail ‘Dr’ does all of the infusing across the menu himself from gin to vodka to rum.

We ordered a couple of cocktails to sample from the menu; Rhubarb Flip and PB&J Duo.

On first sip I wasn’t sure if I liked my Rhubarb Flip, it was very rich and creamy like a rhubarb crumble dessert, but by the end I loved it! The closest thing texture and creaminess wise I would describe it to is Advocaat but a completely different flavour thanks to the rhubarb. The PB&J Due is served separately allowing you to add as much of the peanut butter infused rum into the berry juice mix as you like. This was unbelievable and you just have to try it to be amazed! The rum itself is so true to its infused flavour the after taste is almost dry so you really get the feel that you are eating peanuts. When poured into and coupled with the juice the sweet and salty flavour works in perfect harmony to make this one of the most interesting and awesome cocktails I’ve ever tasted. The cocktails here are not something you could necessarily drink all night as they’re phenomenally packed with flavour and punch which makes them rich, sweet and strong. But it’s great for a pre-dinner cocktail or they have a range of wines, champagne and of course gin you can switch to.  I would most definitely recommend heading to Patty & Bun around the corner for a scrummy burger if it is the later you go for and need a quick bite to finish off your night.

Victorian Bath House originally opened in December for private functions only and opened its doors as By Appointment Only, a cocktail bar three weeks ago.  I anticipate it will quickly become one of London’s best date venues but the crowd was a very mixed bunch with equal numbers of couples, colleagues, groups of women and men. Open Thursday through to Saturday from 5pm to midnight be sure to book!


By Appointment Only, Victorian Bath House, Bishopsgate Courtyard, London EC2M 3TJ


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