Eat Out: Rainbow Bagels that don’t quite have a pot of gold at the end just yet, Beigel Shop, Brick Lane London

Rainbow bagels became a phenomenon thanks to America and New York in particular. Dubbed to take over the Cronut very soon we can thank Scot Rossillo for bringing this creation to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn and inspiring the cobbles on Brick Lane in London. With over 20 years in the bagel business under his belt Rossillo began mixing with colours as a way of therapy to relieve stress. They quickly took over the front of his bagel shop and with queues around the block he can now find himself making up to 1000 rainbow bagels a day!

On doing my research and seeing people in the public eye {Jonathan Cheban} mentioning them on Instagram what I became most excited about, aside from the colourful beauty, is the way these are served with fun-fetti cream cheese and even candy floss! I’d only ever eaten a savoury bagel with either salmon or salt beef so this new sweet treat bagel was a massive plus. Why oh why had these not come to my attention in September when I was visiting NYC.

Celeb Jonathan Cheban sharing his discovery and amazement of The Bagel Store’s Rainbow Bagel

When I started to see these pop up over my Instagram feed in London I knew Brick Lane must be the answer. Housing two of the most famous bagel shops in London’s history there was no other place with quite the expertise and experience to pull off this creation in my opinion. Sitting next door but one to each other Beigel Shop, established since 1855, is the rainbow provider. Sold and served plain at a mere 50p per bagel these felt like quite the result. I tried these out the next day at home lightly toasted and spread with butter, sadly no candy floss or fun-fetti cream cheese in the kitchen cupboards. With a hint of lemon the doughy bagel most definitely has a sweeter and almost cake like texture compared to any bagel I’d previously tried, but with the familiar glossy exterior and shape.

If I’m completely honest I was slightly underwhelmed, whilst pretty and beautiful to look at they’re not that much different.  This may be due to my own expectations or because we haven’t quite got there yet with the rainbow serve like the Americans. However, I have every belief that we can and with a bit of sparkle, candy floss and probably costing a lot more than 50p!!


I’d love to hear your bagel recommendations, how do you eat yours?


Beigel Shop, 155 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB

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