Eat Out: Hole in the Wall, Krispy Kreme Pop Up Holborn London

Krispy Kreme cleverly pre-launched their new Nutty Chocolatta doughnut filled with Nutella during National Doughnut Week on Monday with an ATM pop up at their Holborn branch in London.  Hole in the Wall is open everyday from 8am-8pm until 21st May so get yourself down there and with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust why wouldn’t you?

Expecting queues but being pleasantly surprised I headed straight to Holborn on my way into work this morning to grab my free doughnut thanks to the email voucher code I woke up to. You see some retailers are worth signing up to! The pop up experience brightened my morning putting a smile on my face regardless of the fact it’s rather simply a touch screen window panel with an opening hatch. But I think what is important to take out is that Krispy Kreme are giving back to their London customers in a unique and fun way. As well as recognising London as being a great central hub to create excitement amongst a cynical and sometimes hard to impress audience.

So onto the doughnut itself … I decided to share (not something that happens often) with a couple of work colleagues and whilst I wish I hadn’t I was very aware I had wedding guest outfits to fit into the next two weeks in a row. I’d been pining for a doughnut since seeing that first hashtag #NationalDoughnutWeek and Krispy Kreme’s sweet, doughy, traditionally American taste has always tickled my tastebuds.  Nutella is without a doubt one of my favourite ingredients to bake with, team these two things together and you get a very happy welshy.  My only note would be that I was expecting the icing on the top to have a nutty flavour as well but it was plain chocolate sprinkled with roasted nuts. The doughnut was filled with just the right amount of Nutella ensuring even when cut into 4 each piece had a generous helping, but not too much that it was wasted and dripping out.

Thank you Krispy Kreme for being a brand that gives back to its customers in a fun and new way (and putting a smile on my face!)

Nutty Chocolatta available from 27th May across Krispy Kreme branches but grab your chance to try it first for just £2 which goes to charity.

Krispy Kreme, 229 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DA

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*WARNING – Contains Nuts


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