Eat Out: Buff Beef Rib and Buttermilk Waffles at Bukowski Grill, Soho London

Bukowski Grill in Soho is the most recent opening for the franchise across the city, and with restaurants in Brixton and Shoreditch they now have a strong foothold in the coolest foodie areas in London. The Soho branches decor is very modern and industrial that screams Shoreditch, from the wooden boards your food is served on to the cocktails in tumblers.  We arrived just after half 6 mid week to a fairly empty restaurant if truth be told, but after gossiping for quite a while we noticed over our delectable frozen margaritas how busy the place had become.

On arriving I asked our waiter if there were any dishes he would recommend and whilst saying you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu (they all say that!) his favourite was the 72 hour beef rib served with tobacco onions. The fact it is boxed out on the menu would suggest it is the signature dish and on further probing he said the chef himself recommends this to diners whenever he gets the chance. That was my order sorted, we also ordered some Chilli cheese fries to share and my friend got the Buffalo wings with pickled veg and blue cheese sauce.

72 Hour Beef Rib and Tobacco Onions

I usually don’t mention the service until right at the end of a blog but I really shouldn’t wait that long because the staff here were accommodating, friendly and seemed to appear at your table at precisely the right moment you’d finished picking away at your plate or your glass had sat empty just the opportune length of time that meant you were ready to order another.  On delivering our bill at the end of our meal they’d printed a total bill and two separate halves of the bill for us to pay separately – efficient.

Our food arrived and I was amazed at how my beef rib was still pink yet had been cooked for 72 hours! The consistency and texture of the meat was as tender as I’d ever eaten and took the notion of melting in your mouth to a whole new level. The crust of the meat was seasoned and crispy giving a nice contrast against the soft meat. Tobacco onions are most definitely a weakness of mine and I could eat these things all day long. Crispy not soggy and the onion was so thin there was only a hint of flavour meaning you weren’t over powered neither did you come out humming of onion which is never attractive.

Chilli Cheese Fries/ Buffalo Wings

The chilli cheese fries had a punchy kick to them and are more than enough to share between two of you.  If you like hot food I’d definitely recommend the Buffalo chicken wings which come served with a blue cheese dip and whilst not blow your head off hot they were certainly warming. I don’t think I could’ve got through them all put it that way.


Salted Caramel ice cream with Peanut butter brittle

Now the next part wasn’t intentional and we certainly didn’t mean to even order one dessert let alone two or eat quite as much of them as we did! They were also only £3.50 each on the menu meaning we wrongly assumed they would be small … probably still didn’t need to order two but never mind.

The salted caramel ice cream with peanut butter brittle was salty gooey naughty goodness in a glass. But drum roll please ………… the Buttermilk Waffles served with raspberries and blueberries, a fruit compote sauce and ice cream was DIVINE! After the first mouthful I couldn’t help but declare that this was the best buttermilk waffle I’d ever tasted.  Now anyone that knows me will know I say things and places are my favourite quite often, I can’t help it, but genuinely this was the best I’d ever tasted.  And just to add a bit of evidence and support to my declaration as we walked back to the tube my friend stated “I think I agree with you, that’s the best waffle I’ve ever had too!”  Buttermilk waffles are known to be soft I know but this one took things beyond and the texture was almost bouncy pillow like. Coupled with the cold ice cream and sharp sweet fruit this topped off an already fantastic meal.

Buttermilk Waffle

Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner there’s no excuse for you to pop along.  Try the beef rib and waffles I’m sure you’ll agree and come away extremely satisfied and full!

Bukowski Grill Soho, 10-11 D’Arblay Street, London, W1F 8DT

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