Eat In: Brunch for my Marathon Runner

Just over a year ago I entered my boyfriend and I into the Virgin London marathon ballot not anticipating for a minute that either of us would get in. Fast forward to October’s ballot draw and we get home from a long weekend in Wales celebrating my birthday to two marathon magazines. Mine was a ‘Sorry you didn’t make it this time'(for the fourth year in a row) but his was ‘Congratulations you’re in’! Woops … he didn’t actually want to be entered or run the marathon and didn’t even know until a month or two after I’d signed him up that he was in with a chance. After the initial shock he was genuinely honoured to be one of 50,000 people given a ballot place and even thanked me, especially after a record 247,069 people applied last year for the 2016 marathon.

 Fast forward to two weeks before the event with the bulk of training out the way he is now into the tapering phase and I’m not really his favourite person any more. The only thing left to do is what wins every man over and that is to keep his tummy happy. Sunday’s have become long run day and despite “only” running 12 miles today compared to the 20+ miles he’s been training at the last few weeks I maintained my role of chief brunch supplier when he got home.

Eggs seem to be every runners favourite and I’ve done my best to mix things up and serve them with different things and in different ways as much as possible over the last month or two. This morning’s brunch however was my favourite, hence why I wanted to share it with you.

A muffin lightly toasted and buttered, spread with soft cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon. The star of the show came next and on this occasion were scrambled, sliced avocado and cracked pepper to season finished the dish off. Not only easy but quick to prepare, serve and most importantly enjoy.

Tip – Don’t add your milk until two thirds of the way through your scrambling on the hob, this ensures the egg remains soft, creamy and wet rather than drying out and becoming too much like an omelette.

Phew … back in the good books! (Until next week)


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