Eat Out: HipHop along to Chip Shop BXTN, Brixton London 

A chip shop playing and inspired by HipHop in the heart of Brixton, what more could you want!

I’d heard about Chip Shop BXTN a couple of times from different people but unfortunately hadn’t managed to get there, so as I approached my final week of living in the city I jumped on the chance when a friend suggested it for the dinner we had planned. The place is really chilled and laid back with people coming and going either for a quick bite or to stop and catch up longer. The menu is comprised of traditional chip shop dishes like battered fish, mushy peas and pies, as well as some more premium seafood and fresh fish of the day options served with salads, grilled veg and/or rice. Basically something for everyone, whether you’re fancying healthy or naughty fish options.

I chose the battered haddock and chips which comes with a slice of lemon and what appeared to be homemade tartare sauce, with a side of curry sauce (You can take the girl out of Wales but not the Welsh out of the girl!). The fish was soft, fresh and moist wrapped in a crispy golden batter. The chips were amazing homemade skin on style like your Nana used to make and the portion was huge, not that that stopped me eating the lot it was simply too good to waste.

The decor is trendy industrial with HipHop art, quotes and imagery scattered around. There are even one or two pieces available to buy. Enjoy listening to some old classics while you’re dining and chatting to the friendly staff both on the restaurant floor and in the kitchen. Something I really like about places like this is when the kitchen is in full view which is the case here and you can see the chef’s cooking at the back, that way you know your food is fresh and cooked with care.

Be sure to grab some cash on your way there as it is a CASH ONLY restaurant typical of quite a few Brixton restaurants.

Chip Shop BXTN, 378 Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8LF


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