Eat Out: My Number One Burger in London – Patty & Bun

So as you know I’m something of an addict when it comes to burgers and as there are a lot of burger joints in and around London I am by no means suggesting I have tried them all with this post. But what I do know is that Patty & Bun consistently deliver my most favourite, mouth watering, burger combinations to date! From their signature ‘Ari Gold‘ to ever changing specials I have never been disappointed.

On Saturday evening we dived into the Liverpool Street branch for a burger to go and despite devouring it on the tube platform waiting ten minutes for the Newbury Park service to turn up it didn’t shadow my P&B enjoyment in the slightest.

The ‘Jack Pickleson’ special of the moment consists of an aged beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, pickled jalapeños, BBQ slaw, lettuce and ketchup oozing into a perfect brioche bun which soaks up all of the sauce and juices with pleasure. I’m a strong believer you can never have too many toppings on a burger and this special highlights that, from the smoked cheese to salty bacon to fiery jalapeños each bite dances your taste buds through a range of different flavours as you chomp down.

On this occasion we didn’t have any sides due to the fact we were eating on the go and grabbing a quick bite to eat but I can highly recommend the skin on rosemary salt fries and slaw. I have also tried all of P&B’s signature beef burgers with the Smokey Robinson being my favourite, but as the beef patty is juicy yet thick and always cooked to order I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose.
Patty & Bun have opened a number of branches over the last year or two in London including James Street, Liverpool Street, London Fields and Old Compton Street.

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