Eat Out: Pretentious Burger Kitchen, Newport Wales

Being the burger fiend that I am it was a perfect coincidence that I spotted a friend checking in on Facebook at a new burger joint as I was travelling home for the weekend. It was the perfect click bait for me as I went straight onto the restaurants facebook page.  As far as I know it’s the first craft burger place in Newport with all of their meat 100% Welsh and sourced locally.  And after flicking through a few more photos it appeared that a couple of old school friends had something to do with it.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen is in the town centre on High Street, either just down the road towards the market from the old Westgate Hotel or just up towards the car park past Tiny Rebel‘s Urban Taphouse (where you can get a bottle of Cwtch beer I was telling you about a couple of blogs ago!). Open Tues-Sun with a bar and sofa area downstairs and the bright restaurant up on the first floor it’s both spacious and cosy.

The menu boasts a range of burgers from 6oz to 18oz or you can ‘Build your Own’ from the selection of ingredients on the wall.  Being our first visit we decided to go for the namesake Pretentious Burger and The Lost Mexican. Be sure to upgrade your fries to cheesy dirty fries, after all you’re about to eat a burger why not go full hog!


The Lost Mexican

Before anything else the burger patty’s need a mention. Made in-house each day by the chefs the meat is thick, rich, moist and flavoursome. They didn’t crumble or fall apart and were sandwiched between a homemade toasted yet fluffy seeded bun. All burgers come with fries and four of the restaurants homemade sauces. The Dratsab (read it backwards) sauce is not for the faint hearted but if you like things hot I can guarantee this will become a fast fav. Personally I loved the chipotle mayo, whilst the other half devoured the homemade BBQ sauce and a chipotle ketchup great for a bit of fries dipping.

The smokiness from the bacon came through with each mouthful of the Pretenious Burger and the cheddar whilst mature was a welcomed and not overpowering strength. I loved the combination of a strong silky melted blue cheesy and hot jalapeños in the Lost Mexican. Both burger combinations topped with gherkin, lettuce and red onion.


The Pretentious Burger

Dirty fries are sprinkled with crispy bacon bits and cheesy dirty fries are the same but with melted cheese, my personal favourite. A truly dirty lunch but well worth it!

We also took home the Cornflake Crunch homemade cookie which was divine! Salted to the right amount to make it moreish without being savoury and contained cornflakes, marshmallows and chocolate. I say took it home it was gone in the car before we even made it home … Woops!

The service is extremely friendly and informative with none of the arrogance you sometimes find in East London craft burger joints.

Pretentious is representing Wales in the 2016 National Burger Awards, testament to their menu, drive and deliciousness considering they only opened in November 2015. Wishing you all the luck in Islington at the end of the month guys!

16 High St, Newport, Gwent, NP20 1FW

Twitter – @pretentiousmeat


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