Eat Out: The Holy F##k Rib Man, Brick Lane London

When you hear a lot of build up and noise about something it generally ends up being a bit of a let down, which was something I was slightly concerned about when trying The Rib Man this week. More fool me!

We’d been planning this particular work event for a few months and the Rib Man was mentioned in the very first meeting as a must have at the after party, especially with its Jack Daniels ‘Meat & Whiskey’ association.  So after a long afternoon of briefing and the band taking to the stage I was sipping on a Chambord Royale when the waft hit me and I could see everyone around tucking into a bun full of baby-back rib meat and what looked like a BBQ type sauce.

The bun was packed full of shredded, tender rib meat and topped with a smokey BBQ hot sauce aptly named Holy F##k, which is exactly what you found yourself thinking as the spicy heat hits you in a sweet and sticky fashion.  This is a very messy feed but even in front of clients boy was this worth it!

The baby-back ribs are sourced from pigs that are outdoor reared on Norfolk and Suffolk farms and you can find The Rib Man at Brick Lane Market every Sunday serving up full racks, half racks, rib meat rolls and rib meat wraps. Along with all his own sauces, from a smokey BBQ through to a range of hot sauces with varying heat levels. Without a doubt the most popular being Holy F##k.


For those West Ham fans out there, being one of your own, you can also find him outside The Boleyn Tavern every home game.


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  1. Jonathan Ulyatt says:

    Damn son! Adding this to my visit list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kirstg4 says:

    Do! Apparently there’s a special Ribman at Honest Burgers from today for a few weeks as well!


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