Eat In: Simple Roast Beef and Broccoli Asian Style

Once again (as is the way over Christmas!) I had some roast beef I needed to use up and off I went in search of something light but flavoursome.  I knew I didn’t want anything heavy that contained potatoes or pasta and therefore this Asian style meal caught my eye on Pinterest. A few tweaks here and there while tasting as I went along and the end result satisfied the audience, seconds were had!

With minimal prep time and providing you have the ingredients to hand this is a really simple sauce that you can allow to simmer away for an hour while you go about other chores or watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy as I did.

You end up with a rich, thick sauce that coats and sticks to the meat and broccoli without being runny like a gravy. Your concern with it being healthy January may be the sugar, which I’m sure you could cut down and add to taste as you go along. I wouldn’t recommend completely removing it from the recipe as I’m sure the combination helps thicken and give the sauce a slight stickiness so common in this style of cuisine.

Let me know how you get on!


1/2 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tsp ginger, chopped finely

1 tbsp plain flour

1 Oxo beef stock cubes

1 Knorr beef stock pot

1 tsp Chinese five spice

300ml boiling water

200g broccoli

200g roast beef, already cooked and cut into strips

Pepper, to season

  1. While kettle is boiling crumble Oxo cube and empty the Knorr stock pot into a jug. Once boiled add 300ml of water and stir until dissolved
  2. In a bowl combine soy sauce, sesame oil and brown sugar
  3. Pour the stock and bowl ingredients into a large saucepan and bring to the boil
  4. Add ginger and stir in flour
  5. Reduce heat to simmer and leave to thicken, stirring every so often
  6. Half an hour in add the Chinese five spice and mix
  7. Boil broccoli in a seperate saucepan ensuring you do not over cook as you will be adding this to the sauce where it will be cooked a little more later
  8. Once your sauce has been simmering for an hour in total (half an hour after adding the Chinese five spice) and thickened add the strips of pre cooked roast beef to warm through
  9. After 5 minutes add the broccoli for a further five minutes  
  10. Serve on a bed of rice, noodles or courgetti

*TIP* Don’t add salt to season due to soy sauce


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