Eat Out: Caerphilly Dragon, GBK Friars Walk Newport Wales

So this weekend I headed home to Wales for a nice quiet family trip ahead of the crazy Christmas rush.  My old hometown has recently opened a new shopping centre in Newport, something the city has been waiting on for a long long time and with it comes a brand spanking new eating quarter.  To any of my London friends the thought of there not being a Prezzo, TGI Fridays or GBK close by would seem ludicrous but this was a very real scenario for little old Newport, and regardless of the fact I avoid these chains at all cost in London I was actually quite excited to check it out and love the fact that these eateries are now available without having to drive down to Cardiff.

As you all know I have a lot of love for burgers and this has without a shadow of a doubt come from my Mum. No surprises then that we went to GBK, Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

They have a seasonal special Bah Humburger available at the moment which I was going to have until I spotted the exclusive Newport special – Caerphilly Dragon.  Being the huge fan that I am of Caerphilly cheese and for the simple fact that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get this anywhere else it was a no brainier. I made my order along with sweet potato fries and some obligatory onion rings.

The Caerphilly Dragon is the winner of an in-house chef competition and consists of a 6oz burger topped with Caerphilly cheese, Dragon Bait sauce, Cajun Relish, crispy bacon, leeks, truffle cheese sauce and jalapeños.  You can’t get more Welsh in a burger than that!

Leeks in a burger are not something I have ever tried before but WOW do they work. Mixed with the rich and earthy truffle cheese sauce it tasted amazing and was devoured in minutes.  The kick from the Cajun relish and jalapeños gave it an extra fiery dragon depth but the crispy sweet American style bacon was the icing on the cake.

 GBK have always delivered on their sweet potato fries which are served with a salty baconnaise. The onion rings were huge and fell apart in your mouth, great dipped into the baconnaise too.

My Mum had the Bah Humburger and Grandma tucked into a Kiwiburger, both of which looked great and were thoroughly enjoyed. Plus they filled us all up for the entire day!

Apparently there’s been a lot of mixed reviews about the shopping centre which as I don’t live there anymore I’m not really privy to, but in my opinion they’ve made something better than what was previously there so it’s surely a win win situation! Congratulations Newport on finally delivering something great back to the town (yes I know it’s now a city but I grew up with “going out to town”), let’s hope it attracts more and more retailers as time goes on and continues to get better and better! And if you’re still not sure on the centre just head to GBK and get a Caerphilly Dragon 🙂


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