Eat Out: Tsunami Monday Madness, Fitzrovia London

A regular haunt of media and client lunches throughout the week this great modern Japanese restaurant delivers on food, cocktails and service.

Although this wasn’t my first visit to Tsunami on Charlotte Street it was my first Monday dinner reservation, where they offer 40% off food if you order between 5.30pm and 7pm on a Monday or Tuesday. Perfect to catch up with some old colleagues as we don’t get to go here together through work any more … Cue sad emoji 😦

On this occasion I didn’t have any involvement in the ordering because I was late … Woops! But the girls ordered well, probably because I’ve been here or other sushi restaurants with them many a time.

The Chicken Gyoza’s are a light and fluffy hot appetiser to accompany a fresh mixed Sashimi Selection whilst nibbling on Edamame. The fish here is great and one of the only places I actually eat sashimi, I’m more of a sushi roll and maki kinda girl.

Next up we had Salmon Maki, Soft Shell Crab Roll and Cucumber Maki.  I always order Cucumber Maki as its good to snack on amongst all of the different sushi roll flavours and cleanse the palate. What I love about Tsunami is that their produce is always amazing quality and is why I will dine there on my own money and not just keep this as a work haunt – even if we did spend the majority of the night reminiscing about old times and discussing our next meet with the rest of the ‘family’.

Back to the food though and the star dish of Tsunami in my opinion – Tsunami Volcano Roll! I’ve debated with myself this week whether to delve into a description of this delectable dish.  A dish that I’ve never had anything like elsewhere, one that as soon as my friend checked us in here on Facebook the Volcano was mentioned.  But I have decided that I don’t want to spoil it for you and I’m not sure I could do it justice. But here’s a little pic …

Sashimi selection and Tsunami’s famous Volcano Roll!

The hot dishes here are just as tasty and another must is the Gin Dara -Miso Black Cod, which I’ve heard some say is their favourite in London. I’d have to disagree with that however as Nobu is without a doubt my number one, but for a more affordable option it delivers on that sweet miso flavour and has always been cooked perfectly.

Truffle Rib-Eye Beef is another dish that I would highly recommend as the rich earthiness of the truffles mixed with wild mushrooms and marbled rib-eye delivers a rich flavour and depth against all the lighter fresh options.  On this occasion we had the Teriyaki Salmon but I’ve most definitely sampled the Chicken and Beef here before and enjoy the sticky sweet marinade.

Don’t forget to try their cocktails, the Lychee Martini is a personal favourite!

Tsunami has this West End restaurant on Charlotte Street and another in Clapham.



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