Eat Out: Feeding time at the chicken ‘Koop’, Walthamstow London

According to Urban dictionaryKoop is defined as “to shake hands. show you are friends”

The KoopThe second half of that definition most definitely rings true as not only did the food become friends with my taste buds and tummy very quickly, but The Koop owners are super friendly making you feel welcome and part of their pop-up journey. However, I’m not sure you’d want to shake hands after demolishing this finger licking good chicken that you can’t help getting stuck into *messy fingers*.

My highlight was without a doubt the Buffalo boneless chicken bites. The buffalo sauce was the right level of spicy but had a tangy sweetness that really set it off. The portion of chicken in each bite was generous and tender making them extremely moreish, I genuinely could not get enough of these! I have to say this is nothing against the BBQ boneless bites but I’m definitely more of a buffalo girl and would love to stock up on that buffalo sauce!


Next up we tried ‘The Koop Original‘ burger and the ‘BBKoop‘ burger from the Specials menu, along with a side of slaw.

The Original consisted of fried chicken, slaw, lettuce and mayo and the crunch on the fried chicken was perfect against the soft fluffy brioche bun.  Whilst simple in that there wasn’t a million ingredients it was by far my favourite as the fried chicken spoke for itself.

The Special was made up of deep fried chicken thigh, BBQ sauce, cheese, mayo, lettuce and crispy onions served in a brioche bun.  You could really taste a smokiness to this burger that came through from the BBQ sauce and complimented the moist chicken thigh that melted in your mouth.

The Koop Original and The BBKoop Special

For a 3 month old pop-up The Koop have most definitely nailed fried chicken and I look forward to see what new additions or specials are added to the menu over the coming months.

If it’s fried chicken you’re looking for I definitely recommend trying this pop-up in Walthamstow’s Nags Head Pub every Monday, food served 6-9pm. There’s even a quiz from 8pm to keep you entertained.

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