Eat Out: Delancey & Co’s taste of New York, Fitzrovia London

A cold and wet Saturday walking in and out of home shops along Tottenham Court Road resulted in stumbling across Delancey & Co a New York Deli on Goodge Street.

The diner opened almost a year ago and is a great place to grab something quick and on the go, or sit down at their high stool counters chatting to the friendly staff. As well as an abundance of piled high sandwiches and treats they have a great meal deal available for £9.95 which includes either a Big Beef/Big Fish/Big Bird, small Bubba’s chicken noodle soup, pickle, and Coke/Diet Coke – great value for such a central London location.

Meal Deal - Delancey & Co

We  choose the Big Fish (salmon and cream cheese) and Big Beef (salt beef, mustard and pickle) meal deal’s but then had even more decisions to tackle when deciding on a plain bagel, poppyseed bagel, rye bagel, challah roll, rye bread, amongst more.

Bubba's Chicken Noodle Soup

The chicken noodle soup was packed full of tender shredded chicken, carrots and noodles and with a bit of salt and pepper warmed us up after walking around all morning in the rain.  Not quite as good as Grandma’s own but not far off.

Next up was my half of the poppyseed bagel with smoked salmon, chive cream cheese (plain, chive, spicy or horseradish available) and capers. This was always going to be tough as the salmon and cream cheese bagel I had in New York a few months ago was unbelievable and blew me away.  But what I loved about this one was the range of cream cheese’s you could choose from meaning you could have these over and over again but be able to mix it up with the different flavours.

The salt beef has to be the highlight of the meal deal however and was packed to the brim with tender, yummy salt beef. We chose to have this on rye bread, with mustard and sweet sour pickles. Brick Lane beigel quality without having to trek east.

Big Beef

The staff were more than friendly and accommodating not only checking everything was okay with our food but making small conversation with us. The restaurant was busy for a Saturday at midday considering this is a street that is known for being busy Monday to Friday.  Whether you stumble across this little gem unexpected like us or seek it out when in the area I’m positive you won’t be disappointed.

And if this review doesn’t already persuade you enough, they serve prosecco on tap and have happy hour!

Square Meal


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